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At the Bunbury Diocesan AGM held in Kojonup in May, President, Gemma reported that she had focused on four areas:

  1. Getting to know members in the Diocese
  2. Communicating with members
  3. Endeavouring to assess member’s concerns and
  4. Building membership

Gemma hopeful of visiting many of the branches in turn has now begun the journey and in recent times has attended the Western Zone meeting in Manjimup and accepted an invitation to be present at a Mass for Margaret River branch where their brand new banner was blessed and two new members received into the fold.  The Eastern Zone will hold its meeting in Mount Barker in September.

Bishop Holohan was a welcome visitor at the Diocesan AGM and spent time sharing some of the details of his workload and answering questions raised.

The Bunbury Diocesan archives have done the rounds of the Diocese as the “case” and the “boxes” are passed from Diocesan President to Diocesan President.  Gemma has taken on the task of sorting the papers.  Margaret Ker, well versed in dealing with archives, has suggested that the three “M”s are the key to successful archiving.  Minutes, Members and Memorabilia.


PRESIDENT – Dorothy Beyer 

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Archdiocesan President, Dorothy whilst enduring an operation on her knee, has soldiered on.  She is a member of the Archdiocesan Committee for Family and for Life and well involved in the preparation of the Conference entitled Celebrate Life-Family-Journey.
The archdiocesan AGM held in Downey House on 22 August was very well attended and a wonderful atmosphere was sensed by all present.  Father Joe Parkinson from the LJ Goody Bio-ethics Centre spoke on the Surrogacy issue currently before the WA Parliament.



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A very active branch which continues to amaze -  taking every opportunity to become involved in the Parish and Diocese and  a wonderful support to Bishop Justin Bianchini.  In recent times the branch members provided morning tea for the opening of a Centre for Aboriginal folk at the Cathedral Centre.  Sr Val Deakin sgs, the co-ordinator, has given them a candle and prayer to use at meetings.  They assisted the Knights of the Southern Cross with a Christian breakfast at which there was a speaker from the Bio-ethics centre addressing the topic of Stem cell research.



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State President – Georgie Bruce-Smith
Phone: (08) 97 52 28 34

State Secretary – Bev Macri

State Treasurer - Dorothy Beyer


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WA News

On Monday 21st April 2008 Catholic Women's League - - Western Australia held their Annual "PRESIDENT'S MORNING TEA" at the Holy Family Church Hall in Como Western Australia.  This event is organised each year by the State President and members of the State Executive Council of Western Australia.  Originally it was an invitation to all Diocesan & Branch Presidents to thank them for the work they do - however in recent years the invitation has been extended to Presidents of various groups in the State eg., like the Knights of the Southern Cross - The Vinnies - different churches - Women's groups - Mother's Union and so the list goes on. Tthis year we had a wonderful crowd attend and were inspired listening  to the Guest Speaker for the day - The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of the City of Perth - Ms Lisa Scaffidi.  Lisa spoke about plans for the inner city of Perth and also presented a Power Point which highlighted some scenes from other cities all over the world!

We were thrilled to have our National President attend in Karyn Kammann, together with Vice-Presidents Barbara Paterniti and Anne Power.  State President Georgie, in her address mentioned that it had been a great week for the women of Australia with the first Australian woman being ordained a Bishop in Archdeacon Kay Goldsworthy and also Mrs Quentin Bryce named as the 1st Lady - Governor General for Australia.  And here we were keeping  up with the news in having Our Guest Speaker as a Lady Lord Mayor - so it was a great morning had by all.

Georgie Bruce-Smith - State President CWL-WA Inc.